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VibraSonic Pro (VGX)

Discover the transformative power of VibraSonic Pro at Reboot Self Care Center. Our latest addition, the VibraSonic Pro, is a restorative, full-body sound vibration system designed for personalized revitalization, rejuvenation, and strengthening. With selectable intensities and wide-ranging frequencies, this patent-pending system offers a holistic fitness experience.


Accentuate recovery, stimulate muscles, and engage in strength training with customizable intensity and frequency options. Indulge in a wellness session lasting 5-20 minutes. The VibraGenix Pro is your key to enhanced fitness, recovery, and overall well-being. Experience limitless rewards with this advanced wellness solution.

VibraSonic applications: What can it be used for?

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VibraGenix Whole Body Vibration is truly a wonderful technology, for both regaining and maintaining fitness and wellness throughout the Golden Years. This State-of-the-art exercise is ideal for those with balance issues, the disabled, and those who experience pain with standard exercise programs. Exercising regularly can positively impact both the quality and quantity of life throughout the Golden years – and nothing is more important than that!

The effects of the VibraGenix are very similar to traditional exercise – weight loss, increase of lymphatic movement, cell voltage, circulation, bone density and muscle mass, as well as effective movement of energy blockages.

Pair it With:

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