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Comprehensive 4D Assessment 

Our IAM 4D-Assessment identifies potential causes and solutions for physical and mental performance difficulties. This includes our Hair Follicle, Heart Rate Variable scanning, and 90-day program recommendations. Learn how your body needs support nutritionally, physically, emotionally, and how to take care of it. 


The assessment is how we know what health services, supplementation, and other protocols to recommend. 

Are you suffering from:




Find out where your imbalances are, why and how you can promote your body to take care of them

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


Yeast Infection



Chronic Inflammation


Putting Together the Puzzle

AI Pulse Analysis Assessment


The Pulse Analysis scan uses heart rate variable to assess how each system in the body is functioning physically, emotionally, and energetically.


Pulse analysis has been practiced by Oriental practitioners thousands of years for identifying malfunctions in one’s body with pinpoint accuracy. Modern technology allows us to utilize this technique and harvest its unique benefits in identifying the causes of symptoms. 


Combining the Pulse results with the Hair-follicle analysis, we can help clients understand what is happening in the body, why and what we can do to improve performance. 

AI Hair Scan Analysis

The epigenetic hair follicle analysis is a digital scan of the bulb extracted from the head. With just four strands you can see up to 800 different indicators and which are priority concerns for your body. Find out what the body is deficient in and has too much of such as fungus, mold, metals and radiation. 

With this information you can understand better which systems are under performing which ultimately contributes to dysfunction that affect your health. 

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Self Evaluation Form


Recent Blood Work


What you will see

Too much in the body - Deficiencies - System Functions 

What to Expect

It is equally important to have blood work that was completed within 90-days of your consultation. You can expect two sessions when you book for this assessment. We start with an 30 minute Initial Scan session to collect data and then the Comprehensive Consultation where your results are delivered by our Education Director Dr.Thomas Bige.


Each Assessment includes:

  • Physical Exam using Oriental and Western Naturopathic non-invasive observation techniques.

  • Tailored nutrition, activity, and lifestyle recommendations specific to your needs.

  • Health services and supplementation protocols are designed into a 90 day program to support your specific needs and desired results.

  • 30 + page written report and recommendations.

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