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colon hydrotherapy

3 Week Guided Self-Detoxification

"Reboot your body"

Reset your body and mind with our proven system 

Learn why you

to detox


Amazing Testimony

I just want to say that I have got my life back

Thanks to the staff at Reboot. I have suffered from eczema, abdominal pain, back pain, anxiety, and depression my entire life. And until now nothing has worked. This place cured my eczema. After just one procedure the eczema on my face cleared up. I have finished the detox program and I feel amazing!! I feel like a teenager again!!! I have so much energy and I really just feel amazing!

Everyone there is awesome. When you walk in you just feel like you are right at home. Dana, Rochelle, Bianca, Fabian, and Dr. Thomas are all just great people. If you have any health problems this is the best place to go. This is a one stop shop you will never go to the Doctor again I promise!!


Juanita R. - FL

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How it works:

We have a proven systematic approach to our detox program. There are 3 major components to our elimination system;

  1. 3-Week systematic supplement routine (Detox Kit)

  2. Colon Hydrotherapy (colonics)

  3. Nutrition Guidance (Diet Plan)

Each of these synergistically work together to promote detoxification in your body each week while removing the toxins using colonics. You will notice less bloating, weight reduction, improved energy, and get rid of those sugar cravings.

When you book in for your 3-Week program you will receive your full supplement kit and nutrition guidance so you can prepare for when you start. On day one you will have your first colonic and that evening you start your supplement routine.

After you complete your 3-weeks of detox you will have an HRV scan so we can see what has improved and if any systems need additional support while moving into the next step.

What to expect:

  • 10-20 lbs of weight loss

  • Reduce sugar cravings

  • Improved bowel movements

  • Less bloating, gas, and pain

To Get Started!


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