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"Reboot your body"

Unlock the transformative power of our 3-Week Guided Self-Detoxification Program at Reboot Self Care Center. Dr. Thomas Bige's proven protocols synergize herbal blends, vitamins, and minerals to systematically detoxify your Liver, Kidneys, Bladder, and Body from toxins and pathogens. Experience the full-body REBOOT©, optimizing your systems for surgery preparation, weight management, enhanced performance, well-being, and more. The program includes a Liver / Gallbladder / Bowel Flush, Kidney / Bladder Flush, and Toxins & Pathogens Flush kit. Each kit, meticulously designed, includes potent herbal blends and proprietary formulations. Each week includes Colon Hydrotherapy to promote detoxification and physically remove the waste as you systematically detox your body. Join our program, and enhance your detox journey with Far Infrared Dome therapy sessions for a holistic renewal of body and mind.

Colon Hydrotherapy (Closed System)



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The REBOOT Guided
Self-Detoxification Program

Time to Reboot your Body


Amazing Testimony

I just want to say that I have got my life back

Thanks to the staff at Reboot. I have suffered from eczema, abdominal pain, back pain, anxiety, and depression my entire life. And until now nothing has worked. This place cured my eczema. After just one procedure the eczema on my face cleared up. I have finished the detox program and I feel amazing!! I feel like a teenager again!!! I have so much energy and I really just feel amazing!

Everyone there is awesome. When you walk in you just feel like you are right at home. Dana, Rochelle, Bianca, Fabian, and Dr. Thomas are all just great people. If you have any health problems this is the best place to go. This is a one stop shop you will never go to the Doctor again I promise!!


Juanita R. - FL

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Learn why you

to detox

The Concept – THE WHY  

Providing access to a professionally guided systematic Self-Detoxification System for supporting the user’s Immune-, Digestive-, Respiratory-, Lymphatic-, Endocrine- and Self-Detoxifying Systems. The process works by reducing accumulated toxic waste and harmful pathogens from individual organs and body-tissues, via taking a synergistically amplified combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals with proven anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and toxic metal chelating properties.


Methodology – HOW IT WORKS

The System was designed to deliver its beneficial effects by using (3) separate Protocols;

  • KIT 1: Liver/ Gallbladder/ Bowel Flush,

  • KIT 2: Kidney/ Bladder Flush,

  • KIT 3: Toxins & Pathogens Flush.

This allows users to purchase individual protocols or combine all three protocols for a comprehensive Self-Detoxification.


Each Protocol includes a Self-Detox Kit with;

  • Daily Schedule card

  • Detailed Instructions.

History of use – PROOF OF CONCEPT

The Guided Self-Detoxification System and individual Self-Detox Kits were designed and formulated by Dr. Thomas Bige in 1997 and have been periodically upgraded following new research results and discoveries.


Utilizing the results of this system over the last 20+ years has proven its benefits. Dr.Bige has built and filled six clinics including a 650-acre Healing Ranch based on this system, by only taking clients who are willing to do the self-detoxification protocols before any other procedures, to significantly enhance their chances in recovery.

Our Detox supports:
  • Surgery (pre/ post preparation),

  • Weight Management (weight-loss or weight-gain),

  • Mental and Physical performance enhancement,

  • Overall wellbeing,

  • Pregnancy Preparation,

  • Regenerative/ Anti-aging Procedures,

  • Sport Performance.

What to expect:

  • 10-20 lbs of weight loss

  • Reduce sugar cravings

  • Improved bowel movements

  • Less bloating, gas, and pain

To Get Started!


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