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In Person & Remote
Hair Follicle Scanning

Give your body what it is asking for

The epigenetic hair follicle scan is a digital scan of the bulb extracted from the head. With just four strands you can see up to 800 different indicators and which are priority concerns for your body. Find out what the body is deficient in and has too much of such as fungus, mold, metals and radiation. 


  • Get a list of foods that contain your deficiency priorities. 

  • Find out if you are supplementing what you need.

  • Get nutritional answer on how you feel. 

  • Catch your deficiencies early before they become an issue. 

  • Do all of this from the comfort of your home.

Wild Icelandic Horses
Dog's Portrait
Wind in the Hair
hair bulb image (2021_04_15 15_24_27 UTC).JPG

What we will see

Too much in the body - Deficiencies - System Functions 

Choose your category

Wavy Hair

Human Hair
Follicle scanning

Dog's Portrait

Canine Hair Follicle scanning

Image by Sophie Walker

Equine Hair Follicle scanning

What to Expect

  1. Order the kit

  2. Receive your kit and return the hair follicle sample

  3. Once processed we will email you the report
    and begin on your solutions.

  4. The solutions get drop shipped to your door.

*Video overviews will be delivered within 48 hours of your processed sample. 

*The initial supplement solution will be delivered within 10-14 days of your processed sample as it needs to be formulated and processed.

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