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FIR Detox-Dome

Far Infrared elevates the temperature of subcutaneous layers, thus expanding blood capillaries, stimulating blood circulation, increasing metabolism between blood and tissue, promoting tissue regeneration, and reducing cramping.

Helps the body eliminate toxins, stress, water retention, improves circulation and burns calories.

What is Far Infrared (FIR)?

Far Infrared is a specific wave length of light from the sun. Among the rays coming from the sun, the FIR waves are the safest and the most beneficial. Treatments generally last 30 minutes to an hour, with repeated treatments relief becomes longer and eventually becomes lasting. The result is that, even with adequate nutrition, the body is malnourished without exposure to sufficient light. Sunlight increases the ability of the lungs to absorb more vital oxygen, as well as the blood’s capacity to carry and deliver it. Oxygen deficiency has been readily linked to a host of illnesses and discomforts ranging from chronic fatigue to cancer. The scientific mechanism of FIR was strongly suggested in the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine Award.

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