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(Exercise with Oxygen Therapy)

About the Health Service

Breathing higher levels of oxygen during exercise increases strength, endurance and stamina. You can go longer with greater power. This means a more effective workout in the same time frame. In addition, the body operates better when your blood is oxygen rich.

The body of the athlete is daily exposed to a great stress. In order to prevent the risk of injury and physical fatigue resulting from everyday exercises, many athletes look at alternative methods to help them maintain top-level abilities.


Exercise with oxygen represents one of the most effective recovery methods for athletes. It works by supplying the body, up to the cellular level, the most important element, oxygen. During therapy, increased air pressure pushes oxygen into the tissues and organs.

Benefits of EWOT

Under normal circumstances, we breathe air with about 21% oxygen. When breathing air with a higher oxygen concentration–hyperoxia–we instantly notice an increase in power, endurance, and energy. Research has shown that athletes with extra oxygen can do more, the level of lactate in the blood and the heart rate remain lower than in normal intensive training. Hyperoxia affects the decreased use of glycogen in the muscles and, consequently, the reduced production of lactate and reduced adrenalin secretion.

Better Performance

To most professional athletes’ injuries are part of their lives, part of their activities. The injury prevention, timely action and complete recovery are crucial.Oxygen is used to promote the healing of injuries from stroke, burns to fractures. The ability of oxygen is to restore the growth of blood vessels and tendons, which makes it particularly suitable to treat athletes.

Oxygen for Injuries

EWOT with extra oxygen content speeds up recovery and reduces fatigue.This can also affect increased fat burning and improved endurance with reduced lactic acid production. This combination means better abilities, faster recovery and less discomfort after intense training.

Fast Recovery

How EWOT Works

Increased air pressure allows the red blood cells and blood plasma to transport oxygen deeper into the tissues, muscle fibers of the body and which naturally increases their function and abilities. A sudden increase in oxygen provides faster healing of muscle damages while restoring vital tissue and blood vessels. In addition to the healing effect, many athletes use oxygen in combination with altitude training because it brings new natural energy to the body.

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