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IV Infusions

We provide a safe and effective way to restore your body's systems with crucial vitamins and nutrients, enabling them to perform at optimal conditions. Feel energized, hydrated and replenished.

Kick your feet up, enjoy a beverage, stay warm with a blanket, stream your favorite show with our phone holders, all while boosting your system with nutrients. 

Ask about our add-on features:

  • Healy Frequency Device (During IV) - Improve your cell function during your IV infusion.

  • Nutritional Hair Follicle Scan (Before IV) - Find out which IV nutrients your body needs.

  • NIR Red light therapy (after IV) - Increase blood flow, boost mitochondria activity. 


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Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), is a coenzyme found in all living cells and has even been called an anti-aging molecule because of the many important roles it plays in promoting health and prolonging lifespan


Additional Known Benefits include:

  • Slows Down the Ageing Process

  • Boosts Your Metabolism and Aids Weight Loss

  • Improves Mental Clarity and Brain Power

  • Beats Fatigue and Increases Energy

  • Helps to Reverse Sun Damage

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Helps Ease The Stress of Modern Life

  • And more

Reboot NAD Protocol:

  • 1 x Myers Plus IV

  • 1500 mg total, of NAD

  • Completed over 3-6 sessions depending on each client.

We recommend you having an Heart Rate Variable assessment before and after your NAD protocol to see the physical improvements on your body. 



Myers +

High Vitamin C


We keep it simple when it comes to our IV selection. We use the original Myers cocktail designed by John Myers in 1970. Depending on how you feel we can adjust this blend to meet your needs. 


Our base Reboot Myers + High Vitamin C contains:

  • 5,000mg of Vitamin C (most IV clinics only offer 600-800mg per IV...)

Some of the benefits reported are:

  • Improved immunity

  • Increased hydration

  • Better nerve and bone health

  • Improved blood health and circulation

  • Boosted energy levels

  • Enhanced mood and vitality

  • Sharper memory

  • Better sleep

  • Fewer and less severe migraines

  • Reduced jetlag

  • Quicker recovery from hangovers 


  • This really comes down to what you are trying to accomplish with your health. We can give you a recommendation based on your feedback.​

  • In general if you do an IV infusion once a week it will begin to improve your health on a cellular level by giving your body the chance to catch up and focus on balancing out. 

Metallic Structure


Chelation IV

It is used to treat acute and chronic lead poisoning by pulling toxins (including heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury) from the bloodstream.

Reboot EDTA Protocol:

  • 1 x Myers Plus IV

  • 3 x EDTA IV sessions

  • EnviroTox capsules daily for 30 days

We recommend you have a Hair Follicle scan so we can assess what toxins you have too much of. 

Herbs and Spices


Add-ons can be requested at time of your IV but may be limited based on your health history.
More is not always better. Your health will always be in our interest firstly.


Glutathione is essential for the immune system's proper functioning and is vital in building and repairing tissue. It is also known to support liver function.


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