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At Reboot we successfully increase performance and recovery for athletes at every level. Treat your body like a professional athlete and get the most out of it.

•To gain muscle mass or lose extra fat mass.

•Teach the athlete how to fuel for performance and recovery.

•To teach the athlete about their body and what is out of balance.

•To Optimize speed, strength, and endurance.

•Create healthy habits now, to prevent future injuries.



Comprehensive Assessment

Our assessment creates a very visual blueprint of your overall health. Each puzzle piece gives us clues to what is happening in your body, why, and how we can help it.  If you notice daily symptoms, and can’t figure out what the cause is, this blueprint will help you identify the reasons.

Personal Specific Recommendations

Based on the assessment you will receive recommendations that include food, supplement, and health services to address all priorities. Your health coach will be available throughout your program to answer any questions you have.


Evidence Based Solutions

Our solutions are custom to each person based on their overall scans and goals. One size fits all is not how we approach our programs. Custom compounded supplementation is one way that we address each person's individual needs.


We start with an 8-week program . The program features will be described in detail in the following pages.


Putting the puzzle together

Heart Rate Variable Scan


The HRV scan uses pulse analysis to assess how each system in the body is functioning physically, emotionally, and energetically.


Pulse analysis has been practiced by Oriental practitioners thousands of years for identifying malfunctions in one’s body with pinpoint accuracy. Modern technology allows us to utilize this technique and harvest its unique benefits in identifying the causes of symptoms. 


Combining the HRV results with the Hair-follicle scan, we can help our clients to understand what is happening in the body and the potential cause.

Self Evaluation Form

This is so we know what the athlete specifically needs help with from their point of view. If they want to be faster, jump higher or reach a specific goal we can factor it in.

Hair Scan Analysis

sdrive big picture.png
hair follicle image.png

The epigenetic hair follicle scan is a digital scan of the bulb extracted from the head. With just four strands you can see up to 800 different indicators and which are priority concerns for your body. Find out what the body is deficient in and has too much of such as fungus, mold, metals and radiation. 

With this 36-page report we create a custom supplement powder that the athletes uses daily to fill in the nutritional gaps. When each system is nutritionally balanced the body has the best chance to grow and reach its full potential.

Report & Recommendations

Each athlete receives an overview report that highlights the out of balance priorities.
The recommendations will include food, supplement, and daily protocols to address the priorities.



•Increased Performance (energy)

•Increased Recovery (muscle building)

•Better Sleep (recovery)

•Immune Support (less sick time)

Customized Supplement Package 

8-week customized supplementation based on the person-specific assessment.

•Weight Gain

•Weight Loss

•Stomach support

•Gut support

•Brain support

pic of custom supplement.jpg


The athlete will learn how to fuel their body for optimal nutrition.

•How to fuel before athletics, after athletics, the morning of games, in tournaments, and on rest days.

•What foods are good and bad based on each individual.

•Each hair scan report will have a custom list of foods that are most beneficial for their body.

•Body Composition tracking

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