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Weight Control & Body Sculpting

Whether you are trying to gain weight or lose weight we have a program for you. Each programs begins with the 3 Week Guided Self-Detox to reboot your system and then we focus on optimizing for the next 60 Days.

60 Day Weight Reduction

This weight reduction program includes nutrition planning, supplementation, and additional health services to support your body through the process. To avoid the "yo-yo" diet effect we have to make sure that the initial cause of the weight gain is addressed at the same time as supporting the body to lose the excess fat storage. We have to remember that our body is storing the extra fat for a reason. Most of the time it is because of an overload of toxins that is causing the body to protect itself with fat. 

This is why our 3 Week Detox program is a prerequisite before doing weight reduction.


Health Coach
Health Coach

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