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Our Mail-in Hair-follicle Scan uses AI-technology to show missing nutrients, level of exposure to harmful epigenetic influences (toxic metals, chemicals, virus/bacteria/molds/fungus/parasites, level of sensitivities to radiation) and the current stage of functional wellbeing with selected priorities and considerations. The 30+ page written report includes Person-specific Needs Assessment, nutrition and lifestyle guidance for active Selfcare.



Each bundle includes 6 x Mail in Hair Follicle Kits. 

- Each Kit includes a instruction card, hair sample card, radiation proof zip pouch, and pre-paid return envelope. 


The Process: 


  • Order your supply

  • Receive your bundles within 7 days of ordering.

  • Once we receive your returned hair follicle kits our center will process your sample, email the provider or direclty to the client depending on preference. If any solutions are pre-ordered we will begin the process of having them developed.

  • The solutions get drop shipped to you or your providers door.


After 90 Days: 


We recommend each client does a rescan every 90 days to show the before/after results and to begin addressing the newer deficiencies.

Hair Follicle Kit Bundle (mail in)

    • Hair Follicle kit will be mailed to your door with a prepaid return envelope. Or the scan kit will be completed with your local provider.

    • A 36+ page report on your hair follicle results will be emailed to you.

    • Once we receive your Hair Follicle Kit at our processing center you will receive an email with your report and a walkthrough video. Both within 48 hours.

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