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Self-detoxification is a practice that many people believe can eliminate toxins from the body. Toxins are substances that negatively affect health, such as accumulated toxic waste, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, yeast, moulds, parasites, etc.

The body has its own Detoxifying System (liver, kidneys, respiratory/lymphatic/digestive systems, and skin) which is designed to eliminate impurities, but western lifestyle and the ever-increasing toxic load from environmental pollution, commercial food-additives, lack of nutrients, impaired digestion and daily stress requires regular support from self-detoxification to avoid toxic and pathogenic overloads.

A systematic, guided self-detoxification is a process that follows a designed program that provides instructions and guidance. It may involve consulting with a health professional, using online resources (Detox Kit), and a DIY protocol.

A systematic, guided self-detoxification program offers many benefits over a random or unguided self-detox, such as:


  • Effectiveness: A systematic, guided self-detoxification can help you achieve better results from your detox because you are promoting detox as the body was designed too. This trains the brain and body to do its own process more effectively moving forward.  


  • Motivation: A systematic, guided self-detoxification can help you stay motivated and committed to your detox by providing you with feedback and encouragement. You should feel good during a detox program! Sometimes the more intense detox programs can cause mood swings, low energy, bathroom discomfort because they are artificially promoting your body to eliminate.


  • Preconditioning the body and mind before all medical interventions to support the specialists’ work and speed up recovery.

  • Regular self-detoxification may prevent development of ill health and decline in  physical- mental performance.

  • Prevent or treat digestive disorders, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, allergies.

  • Pregnancy preparation and post-natal care.

  • Weight and habit control (most important component!)

  • Before anti-aging and rejuvenating protocols.

  • Regular self-detoxification has become the utmost necessary protocol for everyone who’s following a modern lifestyle, to protect his/her body and mind from negative epigenetic influences and daily stress. However, before starting any self-detox program, it is important to consult with your healthcare provider.


"where we REBOOT your mind and body"

The Concept – THE WHY  

Providing the public access to a professionally guided systematic Self-Detoxification System for supporting the user’s Immune, Digestive, Respiratory, Lymphatic, Endocrine and Self-Detoxifying Systems. The process works by reducing accumulated toxic waste and harmful pathogens from individual organs and body-tissues, via taking a synergistically amplified combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals with proven anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and toxic metal chelating properties.

Methodology – HOW IT WORKS

The System was designed to deliver its beneficial effects by using (3) separate Protocols;

KIT 1: Liver/ Gallbladder/ Bowel Flush +

Pathogen Flush

KIT 2: Kidney/ Bladder Flush +

Electrolytes +

Herbal support

KIT 3: Toxins & Pathogens Flush +

Electrolytes + Respiratory support

This allows users to purchase individual protocols or combine all three protocols for a comprehensive Self-Detoxification.

The comprehensive self-detox comes with a detailed diet plan that is not restrictive, but is designed to support the organs during their systematic flush.

History of use – PROOF OF CONCEPT

The Guided Self-Detoxification System and individual Self-Detox Kits were designed and formulated by Dr. Thomas Bige in 1997 and have been periodically upgraded following new research results and discoveries.

Utilizing the results of this system over the last 20+ years has proven its benefits. Dr.Bige has built and filled six clinics including a 650-acre Healing Ranch based on this system, by only taking clients who are willing to do the self-detoxification protocols before any other procedures, to significantly enhance their chances in recovery.


  1. Visit a local Reboot Self Care Center and get signed up for the Comprehensive 3-Week Self-Detox program which includes Colon Hydrotherapy, FIR Dome Therapy and more.

  2. Ask your provider to carry our 3-Week Self-Detox kits, and get started with your program. Give them our contact information and ask them to reach out to us about carrying this product in their practice.

  3. Call or Email us to order your 3-Week Self-Detox Kit TODAY, and we will ship it directly to your home.

CALL (352) 820-3151


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