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Reboot Self-Care Center

Dynamic Health was founded by Fabien Hronec to provide a health club that is personalized to each individual's wellbeing. Each club member receives a comprehensive health screening which includes Western, Eastern, and Ayurvedic modalities in a consultation that is repeated every 90-days to improve your health and prevent future problems from arising. 



Our screening process, protocols, recommendations have all been developed and successfully utilized by Dr. Thomas Bige for the last 30+ years. Some of our devices have upgraded as technology advances but the basic principal remains unchanged. 

1. Detoxify the body to rid it of waste, toxins, and harmful pathogens. Simply put we empty out the trash can and put a fresh bag in to make way for more waste. Imagine if you took your trash our but reused the same bag, the little waste stuck to the walls of the bag would start to rot and stink up the place!

2. Now that your body is detoxified we will focus on balancing the nutritional deficiencies and affected systems. In this stage we are optimizing the body so that it can handle the load you put on it. 

3. This is where you start to thrive and start to notice Health, Mental and Performance boosts that give you a drive to do more of what you want to in life. For parents it is the ability to juggle multiple tasks daily, for athletes it means gaining that edge over competition, for business professionals it translates into more success, and for the average person it is all about feeling great daily and looking forward to the future.


The environment in which you live in, will determine your health. For example if you wear a swim suit in the snow all day, eat fast food at every meal, or surround yourself in a negative environment daily, there is a good chance the environment inside your body will be negatively impacted causing health issues.

The body is extremely complex to the point where scientists are still discovering and learning about how it all works. One thing we do know is how our body can let us know when something is wrong, many times this comes in the form of symptom's such as bloating, pain or lack of energy. Thanks to advancements in science and technology we can capture this feedback and give your body exactly what it needs to improve its environment. If we give the body what it needs, it can take care of the rest.



Our mission is to use the latest assessment technology to capture your body's feedback, and then use proven protocols to boost its natural functions. In return you will get all the benefits of the quick fix's and feel good supplements, but with long lasting results by changing your body's environment. 

Why do we require a 6-month commitment with our memberships?

  • To study how your health changes every 90-days and adjust programming accordingly.

  • To keep you on track and hold you accountable.

  • For lasting benefits and results.


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Profile:  I am a senior health professional with a unique combination of knowledge and practical skills in Allopathic and integrated CAM modalities. Much of this knowledge comes from my experience as an air-rescue officer, surgeon, medical researcher, educator of doctor's in third world countries, teaching Integrated Medicine in Australia.

Dr Bige has been managing private practices in Australia for the last 19 years and practicing health care modalities for over 40 years. 



  • Doctor of Emergency Medicine

  • Doctor of Medicine

  • Specialist Examination – Doctor of Surgery

  • College diploma in Herbal Studies

  • College diploma in Naturopathy

  • Post graduate of Chinese Medicine in China

  • Post graduate of Ayurvedic Medicine in India

  • Advance Diploma in Naturopathy in Australia

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy




Fabien Hronec is the founder of the first Dynamic Health location in Ocala Fl. Since 2012 he has been incorporating advanced nutritional coaching with personal training to help clients reach their goals. As one of the first in the U.S. to introduce the Epigenetic Hair Scan technology from CWB, Fabien has been focusing on innovative ways to help his customer's reach goals that conventional medicine has not been able to on its own. 

In 2017 Fabien invited Dr. Bige as a consultant to Ocala FL for the first Dynamic Health location. Since then the two have joint ventured to duplicate this model so everyone can gain access to our innovative health and wellness programs. 



  • Integrative Health Coach certification @ The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Mentoring in Naturopathic medicine and modalities from Dr. Thomas Bige since 2012.