Reboot Self-Care Center offers a set of programs to support couples before, during, and after pregnancy. We tailor each program to meet your individual needs. 

Preconception Health

Pregnancy Wellness

Postpartum Support

“For couples planning to get pregnant, these courses were designed to provide valuable information and careful guidance using person specific support protocols. Our support protocols will aid in optimizing conception, and minimizing pregnancy-related complications.”

- Dr. Thomas Bige

Pregnancy Preparation Courses are 
designed for those:

-Wanting to carry a healthy baby full-term

-Trying or struggling to conceive.

-Experiencing miscarriages or stillbirths.

-Having a difficult pregnancy

-Experiencing Unexplained infertility

-Diagnosed with PCOS, Hormone Imbalances, Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

-Thinking about pregnancy interventions

-Wanting a healthy and happy 4th trimester


Couple in Woods
Pregnant Belly

“Dr. Thomas’ Pregnancy Preparation Program helped us to fulfil our dreams and we highly recommend to every women who wish to fall pregnant. I struggled for 12 years to fall pregnant, spending well over $100,000 on medical procedures and on everything else, under the sun. Following up my sister’s recommendation, my husband and me undertook the Dr.Bige Program to detoxify our body, adjust our diet and lifestyle, but most importantly, learned about our person specific needs in optimizing our health. Than Magic happened! I was pregnant on the 4th month and we blessed with a healthy baby girl after a trouble-free pregnancy.   Thank You God and Dr. Thomas!

The Happy Taylors from Cairns