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Let's Reboot Your Health!

We don't just treat you, we teach you! Discover your personal improvements necessary to experience the fullness of living a healthy lifestyle. You'll learn the what, why, and how to change forever. 


Local & Remote Clients Welcome

With the technology of a simple hair follicle scan paired with virtual consultations, we serve clients located all over the country.

Healthy Eating

Personalized Programs,
Life-Changing Results

Experience the fullness of life by following through on a health plan tailored specifically to you.


World-Class Equipment

Our central Florida location has incredible options including Hyperbaric Chambers, Detox Domes, and more!

Healthy Living Made Easy

The priority of our REBOOT SelfCare System is to teach you how to manage your own health. We do that by combining natural medicine with modern technology to show you what is happening in your body, why, and how to help it.

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Reboot Process

STEP   4

The Assessment

Identify potential causes and solutions for physical and mental performance difficulties. Go through a visual tour of your health and how to take control of it.

REBOOT 3-Week Guided Self-Detoxification Program

This comprehensive program systematically detoxes your organs as they are designed to. The program includes:

  • Colon Hydrotherapy sessions.

  • Guided self-detox kit which consists of various supplements designed to flush the Liver, Gallbladder, Kidney, Bladder, Lung, and environmental toxins.

  • Nutritional program to support your body during the detox

60-Day Custom REBOOT & THRIVE Program

This is where you choose, or we recommend a 60-day program catered to your overall health goals. You will have the opportunity to experience all that Reboot offers from nutrition coaching, monthly scans, custom supplementation, health modalities and education seminars. 

Memberships & 90-Day Assessments

Now that you have REBOOTED your body, we offer maintenance memberships to cater to your schedule and budget. Every 90-Days we recommend another assessment to continue improving your health. Prevention is the key to success.

Get Started!

If you have questions before beginning your customized health journey with Reboot, book a tour of our facility and meet the experts.

Book a Tour or Phone call with our experts

Pregnant Woman


Select a program perfect for your needs including pregnancy prep, weight loss, performance enhancement, whole body detox, anti-aging, and more.


Health Services

Choose from an array of health services designed to meet your specific health or fitness goals.

Focused Mind


Choose the assessment that best fits your needs

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